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Review of the Advents 2023

The Advent this year, was inspired by the Scandinavian summer.

More specifically, by the Skagen painters (Skagens malerne). To me the way they capture the Danish summer lights and emotions are just spot on, and make me long for those long light summer days. I did not make it to Denmark this summer, so this is my Scandinavian summer emotions. All interpretated to colorways.

I do not own any of the rights to the pictures os the art, all have been taken directly from the internet. The colors I made, are my interpretation of the colors and emotions. And I am so thankful to all of you who joined me this year. I am very excited to start planning for 2024.

Normally the advents are open for preorders during the summer. It is important to me to have enough time to really go deep into the colors I want to create and also have good time for shipping. So they all can get to you in time. The colors cannot be recreated as I make them only for the Advents. But they might inspire me later on.

When you open the box, you have 8 presents and open one each day of Hanukkah, or two each Sunday before Christmas. I have a small explanation about the idea behind my 8-day Advent calendar here.

Advent no. 1.

Advent no. 2.

Advent no. 3.

Advent no. 4.

Advent no. 5.

Advent no. 6.

Advent no. 7.

Advent no. 8.

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