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This years Advent, is inspired by Boaz Noy. He is an Israeli artist, that I really admire for his color combiantions.

So this was the time, to make my own interpretation of them. 

The advent consist of 7 mini skeins (20 gr.) and one large skein (100 gr.) and this year you will also find a surprise stitchmarker.


The advent is avaialble on two bases:


1. Blufaced Leicester sock.  Fingering 425m (464yards)/100gr

75% Bluefaced Leicester - 25% Nylon

2. Merino sock. Fingering 425m (464yards)/100gr

75% Superwash Merino - 25% Nylon


The skeins are wrapped up individually, so they can be opened seperately.

You can open a package each day for Hanukkah or open two, on every Christmas sunday advent.


If you are thinking; "Advents what???!!", check out my explanation about it all here:

Link to Youtube


The Advent works as a preorder. It will be open for purchase from now, till sold out or till August 23rd. The Advents will be shipped on October 27th.


The pictures shown for inspiration are not mine, I have kindly borrowed them from


If you purchase any other of my yarn when purchasing the advents, please be aware that they will be sent together once the Advent is ready.

ADVENT 2024 - Semi-solid

364.00 ₪Price

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